FILL has released his new smashing album entitled “Sacudiu e Bazou”

FILL, the Mozambican born musician, released his 6 th  discographic work. The album titled “Sacudiu e Bazou”, which is Portuguese slang for “Shook it off and left”, was released to the public on the 18 th December 2018 at the BCI auditorium (Banco Comercial e de Investimentos) in commemoration of his 20-year musical career. His 1 st solo CD titled “Made in Mozambique” was released in 1998.

FILL released 5 albums dating back from 1998 to 2006, is widely known for musical genres such as Marrabenta and Kizomba and noticed for his choice of outstanding topics such as “Poperô”, “Fantasias de amor”, “Josefina Waka Mafalala”, “Mina na wena and Upide”.

FILL took a break from the musical stage for personal and family reasons. However, he returned in 2018 when he launched a brand-new cracking album and this time around, he is back with more African rhythm flavours like Kizomba, Semba, Coladera and other tropical genres. The original album is comprised of 18 tracks.

From the start, his musical artwork has featured many outstanding Mozambican, Angolan and Cape-Verdean producers like Gulherme Silva, Ze Pires, Rufas, Ziqo Yeyé, Rei Weba, Ciro Cruz, Hélvio, Eliei, Tó Semedo, Loony Jhonson and others.

In this new album, FILL has once again promised to keep the audience and his fans entertained and asking for more. This album features some of the top Kizomba producers across the Portuguese speaking regions. Featuring the likes of Nelo Paím known as “Tinelo”, Sérgio Belera, Smash from Gabeladas B26, Livongh. Also featuring a Cape-Verdean known as Cleudir Cardoso, famously known for some of the greatest Cape-Verdean hits.  As far as Mozambican producers participation are concerned, we highlight Dj Tary and Mito.

The released album “Sacudiu e Bazou” has the participation of various Mozambican artists including guitarists Dodó and Dhjivas, the saxophonist Sarmento, the percussionist Stélio Zoé, the vocalists Nandoz, Onézia and Alcinda in the chorus and Princesa Mimãe with a special participation in the track titled “Deixa-te Amar”, (in English: “let me love you”), Angolan musicians such as Mc Cabinda, Kláudio Hochai, The Gabeladas, the bass player ManCalas “pai do Semba”, the Queen of South African Gospel music Judith Sephuma and the Frenchmen Greg Louis, Cedric Louis, Cervantes and Loperaz (these last three were responsible for the  mixing and mastering of the album).


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